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Chocolate - A Gift

Is the cornerstone to managing decadent requirements!

Whether or not your desire for Chocolatechocolate is for your own personal enjoyment or as a gift to please someone else, let us help you in making the very best choice. We all learned the first moment chocolate touched our lips that it was something provided by heaven. It is great to know that we can have a succulent experience without regret.

Give in to your chocolate desire and let us help you find that perfect truffle, assortment, fudge, cookie or special gift and place an order today!

Good News- Chocolate Offers Great Health Benefits

It is safe to say that chocolate is a food beloved by many people. In fact, some people love it a little too much, which ends up affecting their waistlines. However, chocolate lovers around the world can rejoice...

Chocolate Peaces: A Succulent Delight

chocolateKnowing that there are health benefits of chocolate usually thrills those who love the sweet treat. Dark chocolates in particular are known for their health benefits, include reduction in blood pressure and presence of antioxidants. By adding a small quantity of chocolate pieces to the daily diet, people can actually benefit their health while enjoying themselves. This news has done wonders for the sales of chocolate gifts.

Decadent chocolate pieces like nuts, jellies, creams, and caramels are featured in the same box. This is a common host or hostess gift because everyone is bound to enjoy several pieces.


Anyone who enjoys dark chocolates has likely had chocolate peaces like caramels, creams, and nuts. Chocolate gifts are sold in boxes containing one type or as an assortment, such as the one-pound dark assortment made by Phillips Chocolates. Decadent chocolate pieces like nuts, jellies, creams, and caramels are featured in the same box. This is a common host or hostess gift because everyone is bound to enjoy several pieces.

Chocolate truffles are a favorite of many adults because these are considered one of the most decadent chocolate pieces. Truffles are filled with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cherries, mint, nuts, chews, and other goodies. Chocolate covered fruit pieces like strawberries, apricots, and bananas are designed for those who do not want to feel as guilty while enjoying their treats.

Spicy dark chocolate truffles are not the average gift because they provide the senses with a jolt. Aphrodesia is chocolate infused with cinnamon and chipotle, while Spicy Mama blends dark chocolate with habanero. Devil May Care takes things a step further with a combination of six chilis. These chocolate truffles are designed for those who are willing to take a chance with their taste buds. Including these in chocolate gift baskets without any warning is taking your life into your hands.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a great combination, making chocolate peaces that combine the two very popular. Three Sisters blends white chocolate with creamy peanut butter when making the filling for its chocolate peanut butter cups that are offered as both milk and dark chocolates. With two of each type of chocolates in one package, people can enjoy the best of both worlds. Like chocolate truffles, these candies are meant to be savored.

Chocolate peaces come in many sizes, shapes, and varieties. Milk and dark chocolates, chocolate truffles, and other decadent chocolate pieces are designed for consumers of all age groups and taste preferences. The health benefits of chocolate may be what draw people to explore the offerings but the taste is usually what keeps them eating.

  • Decadent Chocolate Pieces

    Not all chocolate is created equal and premium chocolate is something to be savored. Chocolate truffles, covered fruit, and other designer chocolate gifts are created for those with the most discriminating palates. People know the difference between these items and the lower-quality chocolate sold by some candy makers. Though decadent chocolate pieces like this may cost more, people are often willing to pay the price for the delectable result. Truffles are considered one of the most decadent chocolate pieces because they literally melt in the mouth. Cherry cordial milk and dark chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaughs feature premium grade A cherries…

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  • Vegan Chocolate

    Making the decision to become a vegan does not mean giving up foods that were previously enjoyed. With a few easy substitutions, vegans can enjoy  all their favorite foods without worry of consuming animal products. In its true form, chocolate is vegan because it comes from a plant. However, milk  and other ingredients are added during processing that no longer qualify it as vegan. That being said, there is also vegan chocolate, which is enjoyed by vegans all over the world.   Vegan chocolate does not contain additives and includes only cocoa butter, cocoa, lecithin, vanilla, and sugar. Some premium…

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  • The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

    Before bypassing those chocolate gift baskets containing things like chocolate truffles, toffee, and dipped fruit, consider the health benefits of chocolate. This may put chocolate gifts back on the shopping list because premium chocolate can actually be good for the body. In addition, there is vegan chocolate for those who enjoy an animal-free lifestyle. Why not do a body good while enjoying a tasty treat? Chocolate comes from the seed of the cacao tree and has been consumed since about 1,100 BC. The Aztecs were one of many Mesoamerican civilizations to make chocolate beverages. Chocolate has gone on to become…

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