Decadent Chocolate Pieces

Not all chocolate is created equal and premium chocolate is something to be savored. Chocolate truffles, covered fruit, and other designer chocolate gifts are created for those with the most discriminating palates. People know the difference between these items and the lower-quality chocolate sold by some candy makers. Though decadent chocolate pieces like this may cost more, people are often willing to pay the price for the delectable result.

Truffles are considered one of the most decadent chocolate pieces because they literally melt in the mouth. Cherry cordial milk and dark chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaughs feature premium grade A cherries that are individually inspected to assure the highest standards of quality. Mrs. Cavanaughs uses premium peppermint oil to make dark Mindy Mint chocolate truffles. The result is a truffle with a smoother and richer peppermint taste.

Banana rum crunch truffles from Chocolate Palace are a different type of premium chocolate truffle. These feature a white chocolate ganache flavored with vanilla and Pyrat rum. A rich Venezuelan chocolate and almond croquante covers each piece. Chocolate gifts featuring an assortment of nutty and chewy chocolate truffles are designed to suit the tastes of people with different preferences. A one-pound box of these is a suitable gift when you do not know what type the recipient enjoys because there is something for everyone.

Nuts, pretzels, and fruit are perfect for dipping in chocolate. Candy makers sell boxes of decadent chocolate pieces like chocolate covered dates, apricots, and figs. Strawberries are perhaps the most popular chocolate covered fruits. Berries can be covered in milk, dark, or white chocolate or a combination of these. Some coatings feature chocolate chips and nuts and candy makers sometimes use Kosher chocolate to make these delicacies.

The caramel apple takes on a new twist when it is complemented by a drizzle of chocolate by candy makers like Hannah’s. Pears have become another favorite chocolate treat and when Belgian chocolate is used, this fruit takes on an entirely new taste. Finally, who could forget frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles or nuts?

Decadent chocolate pieces like this are designed for the most elegant of occasions. However, they often feature a price that makes them suitable for an everyday gift. Whether they are given alone or included in chocolate baskets, they are usually welcomed by the recipient because even people on restricted diets can enjoy some of these treats.

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