Vegan Chocolate

Making the decision to become a vegan does not mean giving up foods that were previously enjoyed. With a few easy substitutions, vegans can enjoy  all their favorite foods without worry of consuming animal products. In its true form, chocolate is vegan because it comes from a plant. However, milk  and other ingredients are added during processing that no longer qualify it as vegan. That being said, there is also vegan chocolate, which is enjoyed by vegans all over the world.


Vegan chocolate does not contain additives and includes only cocoa butter, cocoa, lecithin, vanilla, and sugar. Some premium chocolate is actually vegan and consumers do not even realize it. This is because it is produced without fillers and milk products. Vegans can enjoy milk or dark chocolatesthat are plain or feature things like toffee, nuts, or coconut. Dark chocolates come in bar or brittle form and are offered by the finest suppliers.


Chocolate gifts made vegan-friendly include chocolate truffles in several unique flavors. These diary-free decadent chocolate pieces are designed for vegans, lactose-intolerant individuals, or those on otherwise restricted diets. Flavors of these dark chocolates include soy chai, soy vanilla, soy almond and soy toddy, which is a brandy-flavored truffle. Even those who are not restricted in what they eat may enjoy this premium chocolate. A 12-piece package of these truffles is often included in chocolate gift baskets.

Some people may never have tried peanut butter pillowcases with vegan chocolate. With this confection, peanut butter is topped with premium chocolateand sold in a one-pound box. There are also regular dark semisweet chocolate bars available that are dairy, nut, egg, and gluten free. These can be eaten straight from the package or used in baking or as toppings for vegan desserts.


Nut lovers can find cinnamon sugar pecans coated with Swiss dark chocolate and then dusted with Swiss cocoa. The result is an all-natural treat that features an intense dark chocolate flavor. These are packaged as chocolate gifts in a 1/2-pound box that features a brown and gold bow. They can be added to chocolate baskets for those who embrace the vegan lifestyle.


Vegan chocolate does not taste much different than the chocolate we are used to eating. For some of us, it will taste better because we are not familiar with premium chocolate like this. Though it has found a market with individuals who are dairy-free and vegan, the chocolate is suitable for most other people.

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